Dear supporters & friends of arts:)

Pls come to support Cambodian shadow puppets which was claim as world oral heritage by unesco in 2005.

The evening will feature different kinds of puppetry and khmer prize.

I know we’ll get your full support and see you at chenla.

Enjoy the show, Kunthea

Shadow Puppets

Color Leather Theater:

Was created in the Chaktomuk period between 1859-1904, with the support of Queen Sisowath Kosamak Neari Rath. A variety of different colors were used to paint the figures often decorated by phanhi tes (Angkor Stylized) ornaments on medium-sized cut leather. the pupets have no moving parts but are presented in one pane, similar to  the large shadow puppet theater. artists perform in front a large black screen and wear costumes relevant to the story.

extracted from Cultural Heritage of Cambodia book

it was an informal graduation day if compare to other. it just for for my batch in 2009 academy. some students missed but most were not. i also attended as i wish to gather with my mates. it such an happy day becuz i got bouquets and little pooh from my honey.  and also it was an achievement after full time of four years study.


This is the first time ever for the dance celebration at Parkway Square Studio!:)

Tickets are now available at Amrita, so pls hurry up, first come first serve!:)

See you there, Kunthea

i think not only me but every body also will pain when out wisdom tooth is growing. in fact, i am not the person who timorous of pain but i accepted that it is a worse time, a hurt time, and boring time for me with the last wisdom tooth grow. it hurt me badly since last weekend. since now i have porridge as my regular meal seem to be very boring. hmm i hope i will have a nice weekend with toothache release out.

Ha it was a very nice and adventurous trip with IFL classmate. actually, my plan was for the whole class to gathering fun altogether during long holiday in May. unfortunately, most of them were busy. even though, we decided to choose one place for small small group to pay our fun after finishing piles of schoolwork.

plan was changed from big to small with 6 mates joined. the plan chose to Kirrirom National Park which located along Road Nº4 in Kompong Speu province. normally, it take approximately 2 hours to reach there. whereas, my group took over 3 hours arrived the park. they seem to be enjoy much of driving along the road buying fruits, foods, and soft drinks for our lunch time.

the behind cars drove over us and arrived the park since 11 am. only my mate’s class arrived late 12pm because of drop by to take pix along way ….

it was a nice and funny trip for 6 mates who still remind of a sweet time that have spent together.. everyone always smile when they are seeing the photos.. so i will share you some pixs….











fun fun time always ^* ^








On the 14th of February, they celebrate St Valentine’s Day. This day is understood as a day of romance and lovers, but few people know what the day really commemorates. Because the meaning is not clear, some people are confused and believe they need to have a partner for that day or even preferably have sex. Others, even adolescents and children, are pushed to give a flower to a friend without really understanding the meaning of that gesture. This can create confused feelings and sometimes even big disappointment when the young person does not receive a flower from another person.

So, it seems important to come back to the origin of this feast: St Valentine is indeed the saint connected with love and lovers but because he paid with he life for his defense of that love: In the 3rd century, the Roman Emperor Claudius noticed that his troops were losing courage during battles: soldiers did not want to leave their fiancées or their wives to go off to war. So the emperor decided to annual all marriages and engagements. For Valentine, a Christian priest, this offence to love was unacceptable. He started secretly marrying partners who loved each other. But defying the emperor could not last long. Valentine was arrested, sent to jail and questioned at length. He was so convincing that the emperor almost agreed with him… but war does not wait and Valentine was finally executed.

Therefore, St Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating Love in its highest meaning: the love of people who want to commit to share life together and the love St Valentine who gave up his life for sake of Love.

Source: Cambodia Daily




The meaning of roses: the color of roses; the number of roses each has got their meaning. Do you know that 11 roses represent “You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life” whereas 15 roses represent “I am truly sorry, please forgive me”? Now isn’t that a total twist of the meaning for the roses you gave? What had meant to be a message of love has just turned into a message of apology; implying you was guilty of something? Before you try to impress that someone with that bouquet of roses especially up coming Valentine , make sure you know the meaning behind it, the meaning of roses; what the number of roses represent.

Red Sincere Love & Respect, Courage & PassionSend red roses to convey the message of your passionate love for that someone; saying “I love you”


Pink Grace and Gentility, the rose of sweet thoughts.Send deep pink roses to show your appreciation & gratitude; saying “Thank you” Send light pink roses to convey admiration and sympathy


Yellow In the Victorian times, yellow roses meant jealousy. But today, they signify friendship, joy, gladness and freedom, the promise of a new beginning. Send yellow roses to brighten up someone’s day; to congratulate your friends and loved ones during Joyous occasions.


White Spiritual love & Purity, the rose of confession, the bridal rose; “You are heavenly”, “I am worthy of you” Commonly used as traditional bridal bouquet during weddings to symbolize a happy love. You can nevertheless use them to convey the message of “You are heavenly, I miss you”


Lavender Love at first sight and enchantmentSend lavender roses of course, to convey the message of your “love at first sight” with that special someone. You can nevertheless also send them if you would like to make a special impression.


Orange Passionate desire, pure enthusiasm and fascinationAn excellent choice for a new relationship that you wish to pursue further. It can nevertheless also be referring to a new business partnership.


Meaning of Number of Roses:

1 Rose Love at the first sight; you are the one
2 Roses Mutual love between both, deeply in love with one another
3 Roses I love you
6 Roses I wanna be yours
7 Roses I’m infatuated with you
9 Roses An Eternal love, together as long as we live
10 Roses You are perfect
11 Roses You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life
12 Roses Be my steady
13 Roses Secret Admirer
15 Roses I am truly sorry, please forgive me
20 Roses Believe me, I am sincere towards you
21 Roses I am devoted to you
24 Roses Can’t stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday
33 Roses Saying “I love you” with great affection
36 Roses I will remember our romantic moments
40 Roses My love for you is genuine
50 Roses Regretless love, this is
99 Roses I will love you for as long as I live
100 Roses Harmoniously together in a century; remaining devoted as couple till ripe-old age
101 Roses You are my one and only love
108 Roses Please marry me!
365 Roses Can’t stop thinking about you, each and everyday
999 Roses Everlasting and Eternal love

 Source: loveletterbox.

I and a few friend of mine first time to visit Koh Kong. It was so cool and wonderful trip to me. the provincial town is not amazing! but the view of jugle of high tree on mountain range with smooth road  was amazing the most. i was so delighted and took many many shot as i could. even, i was deafened because of temperature on mountain. we arrived there late as driving car slowly was the way of unknown location. unfortunately, booked room was cancelled due to late check in. and we drove around the town to find the rest. it’s so bad that no available room for us. I remembered, the elder word said that struggle bring success. Sure!! we found one small room for our stay. we hurriedly dropped the bag and went out for dinner.


road to Koh Kong

road to Koh Kong



Jumped style road to Koh Kong

Jumped style road to Koh Kong

jump again on the road

jump again on the road


rock along mountain range

rock along mountain range

it was so silly to driving around the town for night life sight seeing and finding resturant for our dinner. after we chose one Khmer cuisine resturant at the corner of the street near the hotel. hungrily, we riskly ordered some strange meal that we haven’t eaten before. oh my god! the meal looked so nice. while i was thinkg about food mostly made my mouth watered and my tummy started to rumble.Hmm!!! Yummy.. . i shouted…. after 20 minutes later the meal was gone and everyone was bloated with those foods. then, bill was paid and we back to hotel for rest.

here is Koh Kong!!

here is Koh Kong!!


on Koh Kong bridge

on Koh Kong bridge




at dawn, everyone woke up and dressed up. immediately, i came down and straight to receptionist for information and pleasure place for our visiting. then, the friends of mine gathered around and went out for breakfast. whole day we spent time at Koh Kong Safari world because there were many animals show like Sparrow show, Crocodie show- terrified show, monkey, and Dofin show etc. heuy, very very exhuasted and delighted all of us.








after leaving Safari in the evening, we hunted to find  one cool and romantic place with high environment protection is Mangrove forest. first arrival, wow i couldn’t believe my eyes of fantastic view of dark blue forest. before entering the place, we had to buy the ticket and walked on a long  concret bridge in to deep forest untill arrive the under constructed bridge. finally, we reached and went out the jugle and sighted seeing the water around the jugle with lightning bug in the dark jugle. i felt so excited to see such a great view. we was here till dark and hurriedly left from the dark jugle avoiding something that might happen unexpectedly. after then, went back to old resturant for nice dinner, and back to hotel to take a full rest before departure to PP.





In the moring before starting our departure, we stopped by and visited waterfall which located along the main road to PP.  We all was happy for sight seeing and taking photo. accidentally, i was slip and falled down on the large surface of rock. immediately, a friend of mine- Ratha got me up as i couldn’t stand and felt hurt in my head. a few minutes later, i slowly walked out and we went back to PP with miss lunch.



To me, it’s very fantastic trip that i have never had before. and i myself feeling that adventure is really good experience to take even risky. 🙂

yeah! welcome back to my blog that i haven’t updated for six months long. Because of losting pw nos ey. and now i reset the new and write down what i want to post here. even though, m busy either work or study, i’ll try to update my blog at least jot down just a short paragraph not essay. Finally, hope the reader won’t forget and visit my blog na!. Good luck to all readers. 🙂



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