Natural Salt of Cambodia

Posted on: June 7, 2007

Kampot province is also famous for its seafood and fruit, and is the only place in Cambodia with salt fields. Even seaside Sihanoukville lacks this critical element needed to support the human body. if humans do not take in enough salt through one’s daily consumption of food, the body will experience uncomfortable swelling. Kampot’s salt is of a more natural quality than salts produced in foreign countries, since no factories are used in its developmental process.
Three of Kampot’s four districts – Kampongbai district, Kampong Trach district and Kep city- actively produce salt from a total of 3,333,741 hectares of land, One hectare of salt fields can produce an average of 20 tons of salt per year, producing a total of 80,000 tons of salt for the entire country. We need to have five fields. And we must flow seawater in and out of these five fields. First, we flow water to the first field and keep it there for one day. Then we channel the water from the first field to the second field and keep it there for two days. We keep flowing the seawater to other fields like this (until all five fields have been irrigated). When the seawater is finished, we need to keep it there for two or three more days until then seawater becomes useful salt. And to get water from the sea, salt producers must keep one field by the ocean. Seawater flow continually through this field for approximately one month until the stored seawater reaches a temperature of 25° C. To build the field, farmers must dig deep into the earth and line the hole with sand. It is believed that clean sand makes the best salt. And it is always important to clear the hole of moss and other plant life. Seawater then is poured into the hole.

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