My old habit was recovered

Posted on: July 20, 2007


My habit changed since i have studied at IFL by go to bed in the midnight and wake up at around 9 or 10am. This habit spoiled me to become a weak and lazy person. Moreover, it also affected to my working time. Intentionally, i tried to recover my old habit while I was living with my grandma which early sleep and early wake.  As a result, I have done it. This morning I woke up early since 5.30am. Then I played with Bebe (my puppy) a half an hour. After then, I did exercise and took a shower. Last, got a dress and went to work early.  I felt freshly when I got up early. “Getting up early is better than getting up lately”, I thought.  Successfully, I have recovered my old habit back. So I must keep following it everyday.

4 Responses to "My old habit was recovered"

Hi Aroma,

congrats to go back to your traditional habits. How could you manage to do that?

I have failed many many times… I got up so late and came to work without breakfast quite often

HI samsen

Firstly, glad to see u and thank for your comment. Atually, I have failed many times. It’s not easy and not good for following this routine but i must tried to change it. And i will tell about my strategy.

To me, i had dinner immediately after i came back from school. Then read a book or did some home works. I had a bath after I finished studying at 10 pm and i went to bed. If i didnt feel sleepy, i would read a complicated book which are thick and difficult to understand until i falled a sleep. But before I went to bed, I had set my alarm clock which was able to wake me up. As a result, I got it. That’s all for me.

I didnt realize whether is it effective strategy for you or not. Otherwise, you should try to do it..

ok wish u have good luck and success in ur wish.

Thanks for sharing this strategy. I will adopt a strategy to read a thick and complicated book to make me falled alsleep earlier. Previously, I usually read interesting books or watch favorite movie programs. I think that is why I did not make me sleepy.

of course, you are right. Reading interesting books or watching favorite movie won’t feel sleepy..

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