Doing Exercise

Posted on: August 6, 2007

Nothing to do after having break time. therefore, i do exercise everyday in the evening at stadium. Actually, i was persuaded by my friend(Cheng). Then i go there. The first week is a bit difficult because of raining, but  it’s good now. Anyway, i only do it for a month because I’m going to start a new term in early September… yo yo …

9 Responses to "Doing Exercise"

Wanna join you two too. yo yo …

Yeah, Bong Mealea.. welcome ,… welcome… We really happy indeed for ur participating.. come on.. you will have fun and enjoy with us.. 🙂

Cheng and Kunthea = Mab => good for exercise
Mealea = Skinny => still good for exercise

I agree then


i walk everyday but rarely get sweat nas. this is not good. i eat alot tooo but now seem like i start to lose appetite again… hehehhheeeee… watever it is, hopefully ill be more beautiful n cuter..pray for me! miss u guyz n galz

hey u ot tov school hay ot tov work teat hor? mech never online cheng pov? oh tell a cheng to create one blog derl tov…easy j knea…lolz… oh i mean easy to give comments.. kkk

Hey.. pouk mak koot. sweat cant get out during walking whereas dancing.. every evening i always dance at Stadium then i walk if i have enough time.. cos dancing make me sweat and joyful.. no stress .. moreover, i like dancing..you can choose the way to do exercise…

By the way .. from 4- 8 August Cheng went to Malaysia.. Mayb she come back.. hoy.. I do exercise alone during she was absent..

finally, i wanna tell u that i miss you nas… fuckingly miss you… 😉

hahhaha yab nas pouk aun aun taing nis. aroma euy, plech suor tha tov stadium at wat time?
i’m also like lida, never sweat. lida eng should do sth else to sweat. tov spa tov. I never go but u try first na dear. ur uni in melbourne should hav big gym and u should go there. try some equipment see which one best for u..
I will pray for you to be cuter and prettier but I know dol you baan work. It will alot of my efforts. miss you u u u u u u u..

Ye Bong Mealea. I always go there at 5 or 5:30.. pls come to join with us.. pay only 500R for dancing.. dance whenever u wanna stop…. come on

Aun euy, i get off work at 6pm tov heuy. I’ll try to go na. Muah muah.

yeah bong la.. you can try tov.. Kreng Lor mean sach cheng mon.. 😉

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