My forgetfulness

Posted on: August 21, 2007

I always leave my important stuffs as i go to work everyday like cellphone, purses, notebook.,etc. Moreover, i didnt remind of what or where i left. So, i often spend much time to find it. It became my bad habit cos i cant recall where i put all these stuffs.Truly, last week i left home for work and i went back to find my mobile phone which i supposed leave at home. Then i asked my mum for help. Immediately, it  rang on in my bag which i was carrying… What was happened next? wow, as soon as my mum complaint that “oh my god my dear daughter, how forgetful you are!”. Heee and i left out with embarrasement.

Hmm 😦  what’s more serious is a stupid forgetfulness today. It’s really useless and effective my work. This morning i went to the FTB Bank then went through to OCS Courier Company at Cambodiana Hotel  to send out my boss’s document to Thailand by this morning. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my document which i left at that bank when i arrived OCS. Then i return to fetch it from the bank. lastly, the document have packed already. Oh my godness! i just remind of my boss’s name card which i left at OCS. Even though i have arrived my office, I couldnt go back …

Hmm i’m not happy with this problem. sometimes i felt bored with forward and backward and worried about my terrible memory. Finally, i’m trying to find out the mean to reduce it day by day. But i don no whether is effective or not te? here are some stuffs that i mostly forget everyday.


My mobile and name card holder



Note book, purses, and name card box



2 Responses to "My forgetfulness"

Hi Arona

something you did is quite the same to me, I don no why last time I went to jarkata and i fogot my suit at the hotel when I checked out and certainly i lost it,haha!Everyone also has forgetfulness for some while, but how the terrible level is, that is so pity!right?

Accidentially, i have searched information about ASEAN and found your web that really impressed me, your E writing is great. If you dont mind would we make friend?Please reply me through my email.hope you enjoy your days.

All the best

Son Tran

To San Tran,

First of all, Thank for ur comment. I really never mind with making friend with another people. “Make friends is better than make enermies”. right?

good luck

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