Sen Kbal Toek

Posted on: August 27, 2007

The goods is more expensive than usual during a celebration. Of course, yes. Today is Sen Kbal Toeuk. Normally, it was celebrated by Chinese by cooking several foods, fruits, and other stuffs offer to the spirit of their ancestors. Yesterday there were very crowded of Chinese were shopping as i went to shopping too. Some people are a half Chinese, some are not but their primitive ancestors are. (As me, My grandfather was Chinese.. and he passed away when i was born).

There were many stuffs which i had bought and carried. Like porks, vegetables, flowers, fruits, cakes .etc. hmm I really tired with carrying all these stuffs. Then i was stucked in the crowd. I couldnt even move until i squeeze out. it caused my shoulder and hand were pained.

Finished shopping, i helped my mum to peeling, chopping and washing vegetable. where as, fruits were prepared on the plate then i put them in order.

This morning, i had a half day off to help my mum to cook. Then foods and fruits were prepared and offered to ancestors, and guardian’s spirit( the spirit that look after inside and outside the house, knew from my grandmom) after cooked. After, a half burning of incense stick, i and my families burnt the offering papers like money, cloths, jewelry, and so on. Last, we had noisily lunch with a whole of family and my relatives as well. We had more fun together as we never had for long. so happy ye,      🙂 



 lighting the  incense stick


burning the  offering papers

4 Responses to "Sen Kbal Toek"

Such a good daughter! I miss burning the offering papers! It’s been almost 5 years if I’m not wrong!

hee not really! pity u. but don worry u’ll come back soon.

Hhahaha Aroma your skin really proves you’re a Chinese.

Wow..bro Sal, you are still alive!!! kidding! But your blog seems to be dead though! have been looking forward to hearing stories from you!

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