Bad September passed, what will happen then !!!!

Posted on: October 1, 2007

 I don’t know what will happen to me in October. i hope that it’s not bad luck to me as September. Since September started, two bad things happened to me.

First, I got a news from my Japanese boss that my company will close in temporary in October. You guy knew! this firstly shocked  me. Then he tried to comfort and convince me to find other job. Automatically, i had to find other job when i stop. But it quickly happened that why i was up set and worried abt it. Fortunately, my friends around me are helpful, cheerful, and potential. I was encouraged and advised. So i’m hopeful trying to find other job. Hopefully, i will get soon.

Last, my cute mobile phone was stolen at Kandal Market while i was shopping for cooking and offering on Moon Autumn day. Because of my carelessness by putting phone in the pocket and many stuffs were holding in my hand. Mostly, completed my shopping i called  my sister to clean the glass at home then put in the pocket. Just a few minutes it was stolen or borrowed by pick pocket.  soy chon soy …. 😦

Thus, should good luck bring to me in October.. heehee


My cute mobile which consist of my lovely  photos and cool songs


4 Responses to "Bad September passed, what will happen then !!!!"

Great thanks sis. Nary.

Your title reminds me of a song “Wake me up when September ends”

You are soy than me. September was also my soy month. On 17th, I had an important meeting at 9:00 and I must be at the office at 7:30 to make some preparation for the meeting. There was a huge rain since the midnight, and as usual for our capital city, so in the morning most area of Phnom Penh were full of flooding.

I would have no problem if I went straight to the office, but I need to make some photocopy. So I stopped at a shop near Sonthor Mok high school. Well, everywhere was flooding. I decided to lead my bike across the flood. Well, guess what. My bike just stopped in the middle of the water. Plung, I put my feet and my polish shoe into the water.

“What’s a bad day of the year”, I thought to myself.

And it reminds me of a song “Bad Day” by “Daniel Powter”. Greeting kaingsv 🙂 You must be a fan of Green Day.

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