First trip to Koh Kong

Posted on: January 9, 2009

I and a few friend of mine first time to visit Koh Kong. It was so cool and wonderful trip to me. the provincial town is not amazing! but the view of jugle of high tree on mountain range with smooth road  was amazing the most. i was so delighted and took many many shot as i could. even, i was deafened because of temperature on mountain. we arrived there late as driving car slowly was the way of unknown location. unfortunately, booked room was cancelled due to late check in. and we drove around the town to find the rest. it’s so bad that no available room for us. I remembered, the elder word said that struggle bring success. Sure!! we found one small room for our stay. we hurriedly dropped the bag and went out for dinner.


road to Koh Kong

road to Koh Kong



Jumped style road to Koh Kong

Jumped style road to Koh Kong

jump again on the road

jump again on the road


rock along mountain range

rock along mountain range

it was so silly to driving around the town for night life sight seeing and finding resturant for our dinner. after we chose one Khmer cuisine resturant at the corner of the street near the hotel. hungrily, we riskly ordered some strange meal that we haven’t eaten before. oh my god! the meal looked so nice. while i was thinkg about food mostly made my mouth watered and my tummy started to rumble.Hmm!!! Yummy.. . i shouted…. after 20 minutes later the meal was gone and everyone was bloated with those foods. then, bill was paid and we back to hotel for rest.

here is Koh Kong!!

here is Koh Kong!!


on Koh Kong bridge

on Koh Kong bridge




at dawn, everyone woke up and dressed up. immediately, i came down and straight to receptionist for information and pleasure place for our visiting. then, the friends of mine gathered around and went out for breakfast. whole day we spent time at Koh Kong Safari world because there were many animals show like Sparrow show, Crocodie show- terrified show, monkey, and Dofin show etc. heuy, very very exhuasted and delighted all of us.








after leaving Safari in the evening, we hunted to find  one cool and romantic place with high environment protection is Mangrove forest. first arrival, wow i couldn’t believe my eyes of fantastic view of dark blue forest. before entering the place, we had to buy the ticket and walked on a long  concret bridge in to deep forest untill arrive the under constructed bridge. finally, we reached and went out the jugle and sighted seeing the water around the jugle with lightning bug in the dark jugle. i felt so excited to see such a great view. we was here till dark and hurriedly left from the dark jugle avoiding something that might happen unexpectedly. after then, went back to old resturant for nice dinner, and back to hotel to take a full rest before departure to PP.





In the moring before starting our departure, we stopped by and visited waterfall which located along the main road to PP.  We all was happy for sight seeing and taking photo. accidentally, i was slip and falled down on the large surface of rock. immediately, a friend of mine- Ratha got me up as i couldn’t stand and felt hurt in my head. a few minutes later, i slowly walked out and we went back to PP with miss lunch.



To me, it’s very fantastic trip that i have never had before. and i myself feeling that adventure is really good experience to take even risky. 🙂

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Thank you for sharing your “First trip to Koh Kong”.

I’m planning on going back home (Srok Khmer) for my vacation and I wanted to do some research to get some infor on vacation spots. Koh Kong wasn’t my third or fourth choices to visit, but after seeing your site, I think I will make it as my second places to visit.

Thank you!

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